How do I book a game?

It’s easy! Simply visit the Book Now page on the website. You can also contact us by email, phone, or by sending a message using the built-in contact form on the website.

How much do the games cost?

Prices vary depending on the length, complexity, and preparation time for each game. Our simplest games (BINGO, Drawing Board, Word Wars, Spin and Solve) cost $100 for an hour of playing time. Our more complicated games, and games that require a lot of prep work or customization, cost up to $300.

Do you offer discounts for multiple bookings?

We sure do! If you book multiple games for the same day, any additional game will only cost you $50 more per game.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via check or credit card. After you finalize your booking with us, we will email you an invoice in the agreed-upon amount, along with instructions for how to pay. Payment must be received in full prior to the date of your game. No exceptions.

What is your cancellation policy?

All reservations are final. We cannot offer refunds or reschedules.

How many people can attend your games?

This depends on the game. Please see our “Games & Pricing” page for more information on occupancy.

Do you offer in-person events?

Due to COVID-19, we do not offer in-person events.

What are the technological requirements for participating in your virtual games?

All you and your guests will need is a device, working internet, and the ability to join a meeting on Zoom.

Do I, as the event organizer, need to be present at the game?

No. We take care of everything, from setting up the Zoom meeting to admitting guests from the waiting room. That being said, if you’d like to take part in the game yourself, the more the merrier!